His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji started a Go:sa:la (a cowshed) to preserve all the existing indigenous species/breeds of cows.

JIVA Go:sa:la has been growing over the years and the number of cows, calves, heifers, bulls, and oxen has grown to 500 from more than 100 breeds.

Importance of Go:matha

The cow is called “Gow” in Samskrit. The holy scriptures of Sana:thana Dharma including the Rig Veda, the Yajurveda, the Upanishads, and the Pura:na:s refer the cow as “Go:ma:tha” (meaning “Cow – the Mother”).

Such is the importance of go:ma:tha that she is extolled in the holy scriptures with the sayings “Ga:vo: Viswasya Ma:tharaha” which means “Cows are the mothers in the Universe”

Pu:jas on Special Occasions 

Your Birthday

Your favorite peoples birthday

Acharya Birthday

Preparing or Sitting for an exam

Celebrate any event dear to you


Makara Sankranthi



Go:puja is a ritual of worshipping  Go:ma:tha (cow) along with her calf.  Go:puja  fulfills the  wishes and removes hardships of the devotee who performs it. 

Go:da:nam means donating a cow (Go:ma:tha) along with her calf. Go:da:nam  liberates the donor and his forefathers from the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly in their lives.  Go:da:nam is performed when a child is born in the family, during marriage, when a person passes away or in any other auspicious occasion. It bestows heavenly comforts on the donor. Departed souls will be relieved from the hells and from a treacherous river “Vaitharini” by doing Go:da:nam. The devathas in the cow will take care of the soul. It is equal to the benefits obtained by performing Ra:jasu:ya Ya:ga and donating unlimited amount of gold. 

 Devotees are advised to give us prior notice about go:pu:ja or go:da:nam they wish to perform so that we can make arrangements for the same.

Feeding the Cows

In JIVA Go:sala and Sitanagaram Go:sala cows, bulls, oxen and calves are offered three types of feed and fodder daily.